Right before the summer gets into full swing it becomes a reality of just how short this much anticipated season really is; we spend our year planning, organising and re-planning for an intense 10 week season and with a blink of an eye it’s fall – not trying to depress anyone, just want to make sure we all remember to really enjoy every second of the summer.

In the next 10 weeks if you are debating jumping in the lake because it’s not the right temperature – just jump! There will be NO jumping in a few months.
If you are debating whether the lake is calm enough for a ski – just ski! There will be NO skiing in a few months.
If you are debating playing with your kids in the Waterpark because it’s a little breezy – just play! There will be NO waterpark play time in a few months.

Catch my drift?

Summer Water Sports has endless activities to keep every Muskoka kid busy this summer, but remember there is no reason all these activities can’t keep every Muskoka adult busy too! Get back on the Skis, learn to Flyboard, cheer as loud as you can at our Ski Shows, spend a day in the Waterpark, rent a SeaDoo, go for a Standup Paddleboard or enjoy a Boat Ride to SWS Marine for some treats.

Enjoy the summer like you are 6, let every second be an adventure and you will have a whole list of fun exciting activities to share with your “classmates” come September!

Ski you on the Water!

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