We are gearing up for our BIGGEST ski show of the year, “Jump for Ooch” and we need your help once again. On Saturday August 9, 2014 at CLEVELANDS HOUSE RESORT from 4pm-6pm, we will be hosting, along with KRG Children’s Charity, our 9th year of this event. Every year we pull out all our craziest tricks so we can draw the largest audience possible and raise the most amount of money possible for Camp Oochigeas. Camp Ooch holds a special place in our hearts; we are so fortunate to enjoy every second of summer on the ski dock and on the water, there are so many kids who are not as lucky as we are and we want to do whatever we can to help them enjoy summer as much as we do!
Please come out and help support Camp Oochigeas and all the memories that will be created. 

Sending Kids to Camp…

Saturday, August 9, 2014. – Clevelands House (4pm – 6pm)

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Jump for OOCH

We’re accepting donations for this event.

This year we have set a goal of raising enough money to send 50 children to Camp Oochigeas.  Camp Oochigeas is a summer camp in Muskoka for children with cancer.

Camp Oochigeas is a privately funded, volunteer based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.

Every child deserves to experience the wonder of camp. After all, enjoying the outdoors and having fun are two integral parts of being a child. Last year we raised $50,000.

Camp Oochigeas gives children with cancer the chance to escape to a magical world where sunshine and laughter intertwine, a natural wonderland where friendships and memories replace worries about hosptials and illness.

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