Ski School

For more than 50 years, SWS has introduced countless thrill seekers to the exciting world of watersports.

Starting under the banner of “Summer Ski”, SWS Ski School is a leader in waterski, wakeboard and flyboard instruction in Canada, getting an average of 30,000 people up on water every year.

From dockside lessons to summer camps, cable park, rentals, and famous weekly ski shows, SWS has everything you need to get the most out of summer.




SWS Cable Park

Cable Park

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You don’t need any prior skills, knowledge or experience to learn how to water ski! We’ve taught all ages and at every skill level and can proudly say we offer a fun, safe and empowering experience for anyone learning to wakeboard, waterski or flyboard.

We offer water ski, wakeboard and flyboard lessons at multiple locations throughout Muskoka. We’ll even come right to your dock for a private clinic!

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A Flyboard is a hydroflight device that allows riders to soar up to 50 feet into the air, dive into the water like a dolphin, and perform incredible aerial flips and spins. SWS Muskoka offers Flyboarding clinics at our ski school locations or at your own dock. Our world-class instructors will have you in the air in no time!

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Ski Shows

Our renowned waterski shows run every Tuesday, all summer long, at the Windsor Park in Bala. These family-friendly, free events are entertaining and awe-inspiring, featuring our incredibly talented team of trick skiers, wakeboarders and flyboarders.

Where it all began

If you’ve grown up spending summers in Muskoka, you remember the first time you strapped on waterskis. Dropped off somewhere in the middle of the lake with your fingers turning white, you feel the tug as the boat starts to pull away and you watch as the line tightens. You struggle to stay upright, your legs feeling like noodles and the lifejacket hugging your ribs.

Quivering in anticipation, you yell “Okay!” and the boat roars to life. The lake churns and you’re lifted up out of the water. For one glorious moment, you’re gliding and nothing else matters in the whole wide world.

That single, exhilarating moment is what started it all for us at SWS Ski School. It’s that feeling that we love to pass on to every learner, young and old, that joins the SWS Ski School.


Our sales team are boat fanatics, eager to share their love and knowledge of boating in Muskoka.


Our experienced and skilled team of technicians offer expert service at all of our Boatworks locations.

Ski School

For more than 50 years, SWS has introduced thrill seekers to the exciting world of watersports.

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