As soon as May 1st hits the buzz in the air begins in Muskoka, every year we are all very ready to shake off the winter blues and spring back to life. With a new summer season approaching the talk of which restaurant is back, which store has changed and which building has sold, has begun in Port Carling.  The busy activity of cleaning, delivering and setting up has started and I love it; block my way when you’re making a big delivery, I don’t even care because I know that big truck of product is going to bring boat loads of buyers into town.

At SWS Marine we are in the same process! The Marina tends to get flooded in the spring, something you have to deal with when your business runs on a dock, totally worth the hassle! By the time the water disappears and we can get our storage items out we have just enough time to clean, organise and stock the shelves to be ready for the epic May 24 weekend. Just like all the businesses around Muskoka we spend the winter dreaming up new ideas for the Marina. We are striving to bring our customers more products to make their trip more efficient. We have brought in more surf brands to pump up our store, such as Rip Curl, MyPakage, Pura Vida Bracelets, Salus Lifejackets, and Reef sandals. We have also added Yummies in a Jar and Everly Inc. to our collect; both products are great for hostess gifts.

We also have a vision to increase what the bay has to offer, to make SWS Marine more of a destination then just a stop for gas. With Abbys Bakery and Power Yoga Canada we have a great flow of customers in our bay and we are always looking for ways to better your stop. New this summer we are renting space to Lululemon!! They will be setting up a Pop-up store for the summer months, right here beside the marina!

Come visit us at SWS Marine and check out the new business, new items and new faces!

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