Meet the Crew

We’re one big family at SWS.

Not only are we family owned and operated, but we’ve cultivated a “Lake Life” culture that has drawn together a diverse crew of talented and dynamic individuals, all united by their love for summer in Muskoka.

Our Philosophy

The SWS Crew is held together by what we affectionately call our “Lake Life” culture. At its core is a belief that summer is more than a season, it’s a mindset. A way of being that goes beyond the lake and applies to everything we do. To us, that means:
Having fun: We believe that having fun means enjoying the good things in life. We have fun when we follow our passion and empower others to do the same.

Making time: We believe in making time for the people you care about. This means we work as a family, taking care of each other and making service to others a priority.

Being active: We play as hard as we work and would always rather be outside. We crave action, take risks and never shy away from adventure.

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Geordie Newlands

Geordie started working for SWS in 2001 and worked his way to the top. During Geordie’s first 5 years with SWS he worked in almost every role, making him the right guy to take over the company. Geordie graduated from the University of Guelph in 2006, purchased the company, and is now the director.

He lives full time in Port Carling with Val and their two boys. Geordie loves all aspects of water skiing and has competed in 5 World Show Ski Championships on Team Canada.

When he’s not on the water he enjoys downhill skiing, playing hockey and running.

Val Newlands

Val has been part of the SWS Team since 2006, managing SWS Boatworks Surf Shops, Rentals and Ski Schools. 

Born and raised in Muskoka, Val enjoys every season and activity that the area has to offer.

Val, Geordie and their sons live on Brandy Lake in Port Carling where they enjoy their nightly skis on the calm water.

Charlie Newlands
Charlie Newlands

Charlie has been working at SWS since he was 15 years old, starting on the docks of Clevelands House. Since then, water skiing has been his life.

He has traveled the globe performing in professional water ski shows in Malaysia, India, China, Turkmenistan, USA & Australia. Charlie has competed and been a lead organiser on every Canadian National Water Ski Show Team.

Charlie can be found in just about every act in the Ski Show, loving and living life large.

Charlie, along with his wife Jenna and their dog Bernard, divides their time between their residences in Muskoka and Toronto.


Lisa Elder
Lisa Elder

Lisa has been with SWS since 2013 and is known as everyone’s “mom” and assistant.

She stumbled upon SWS when she was looking to get out of the city and hasn’t looked back since.

With a BA from Laurier University and many months of travelling across four continents, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her desk.

Lisa works primarily as the Administrative Assistant at SWS Boatworks, but has many responsibilities throughout the company’s operations.

Julie Soos

Julie joined Boatworks in 2005 and seamlessly transitioned to Team SWS in 2018 when SWS acquired Boatworks.

As our Service Manager, Julie ensures the satisfaction of both employees and customers.

Despite juggling a busy home and work life, including the arrival of her fourth child in 2019, Julie manages it all with her trademark smile.

Hailey Mulhall Profile
Hailey Mulhall

Hailey joined our team in 2023 and has quickly become an invaluable member of the SWS family.

Coming out of her rookie year at SWS, this summer marks another opportunity for her to shine in Muskoka. She’s already making waves alongside our service team, wearing multiple hats to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

She is no stranger to cottage country as she hails from the Georgian Bay area and loves boating there. 

She used to build boats before coming to SWS. Some of her hobbies include anything creative; photography, sewing, art and she loves spending time outdoors camping and fishing in her spare time. Much like her personality, she loves anything sweet. Hailey has a 5-year old son, Charlie who is her world.

Gary Kelly

Gary is our seasoned sales specialist, whose love for the marine world runs deep.

With years of experience, including owning a marina in Muskoka, Gary joined SWS Boatworks last year, proving ‘retirement’ is just a word.

Affectionately dubbed our “grandpa,” his passion for boating and willingness to help make him an invaluable part of our team.


Mark has over 20 years of experience in marine sales, his journey started in the automotive industry and then that led him to pursue his passion for boats!

Drawn to the water since day one, the marine industry was a natural fit. “Boating isn’t just a job, it’s a lifelong love affair!”

When Mark’s not helping others find their dream boat, he enjoys the great outdoors—whether it’s boating, fishing, hunting, or outdoor cooking. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his boat loving wife of 38 years and his adventurous daughters, and their wonderful husbands!

Mark has embraced life at SWS full throttle, he looks forward to getting to know the rest of the team and working closely beside them as he says they have unbeatable energy that fuels every day, making each moment on the job incredibly fulfilling!

Cheryl Tregear

Cheryl’s upbringing in Muskoka afforded her ample opportunities to spend time on the lakes, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the natural environment.

Her career journey led her to join SWS six years ago, and although she briefly pursued other avenues, she eagerly returned to the organization when presented with the opportunity in the summer of 2022. According to Cheryl, SWS is an exceptional workplace, which motivated her to make the decision to come back.

Cheryl is married to her best friend of 25 years, Ted, They are parents to a big fur baby, Cally, who they rescued and have given a great, spoiled life. During her time off she loves to go and visit her family in Owen Sound.

Peter Soos

Peter is our head mechanic in Port Carling and started working with SWS when Boatworks was purchased, where he had been with Boatworks for 30 years!

Peter knows everything there is to know on the lakes in Muskoka, he has a true love for being on the water. Peter is a father of two and loves to travel during the winters with his family.

Scott Miller

Scott is the Service Manager in Port Carling. He started with Boatworks in 2004 and became part of Team SWS in 2018 when SWS purchased Boatworks.

After work, Scott enjoys fishing and photography. He has a true love of the outdoors and life on the water.


Our sales team are boat fanatics, eager to share their love and knowledge of boating in Muskoka.


Our experienced and skilled team of technicians offer expert service at all of our Boatworks locations.

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For more than 50 years, SWS has introduced thrill seekers to the exciting world of watersports.

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