Winter Storage

Let SWS Boatworks look after your boat this winter. Our highly-trained technicians can winterize and safely store your boat in your boathouse or at our secure, monitored facilities.

Choose between shrink wrap or indoor non-heated storage. All of our packages include full winterization services and then, when it’s time to launch your boat in the spring, we’ll summerize it and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Storage Options

At our facility

Option 1: Shrink Wrap

Starting at $70/ft or $675 for personal water crafts (PWCs)


  • High quality shrink wrap
  • Winterization
  • Outdoor storage on our property
  • Summerization

Option 2: Indoor Non-Heated

Starting at $75/ft or $700 for PWCs


  • Winterization
  • Storage in our secure facility
  • Summerization
Modern Muskoka Boathouse on Milford Bay

In your boathouse

Fall Service

Starting at $499.99 for boats or $350 for personal water crafts (PWCs)


  • Lift up
  • Winterization

Spring Service

Starting at $375 for boats or $175 for PWCs


  • Lift down
  • Summerization


Mandatory Service

We will perform engine oil and filter changes on all boats, starting at $285, upon winterization, to ensure no moisture is present internally. This is for the safety of your boat over the winter.

Optional Services

  • Buff & wax, $39.99/ft
  • Inside detail, starting at $19/ft
  • Delivery & pick up, starting at $160


Winterization includes draining engine and bilge, applying protective coating to cylinder chambers, changing gear oil, disconnecting battery, fuel stabilizer.

Summerization includes summerizing the engine, reinstalling the battery, draining nontoxic antifreeze if necessary, spring wipe down and test run of engine.

Regular service items including propeller damage, batteries, water pumps, bilge, horn, navigation lights, blower, impeller and any items required to make your boat safe, working properly and legal will be noted, repaired and billed to the customer.

Note: All prices subject to change, and there may be additional costs depending on the specific make and model of boat. Any price adjustments beyond the above will be confirmed at time of storage booking.

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